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Rough work on paper using Fevicryl done during the year 1992.
Found somewhere in the midst of old works.
I thought why I can’t place her once in blog.

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This is the cartoon drawn by me at ISTM-New Delhi during my DOT (Design of Training) course from 4.10.10 to 08.10.10.

Andragogy is a term used in the field of Training. This term is derived from Two Greek terms "Andra" means man and "Agogos" means Learning. So term "Andragogy" means 'The art of Teaching the adults". It is different from the method of children Learning method(or Pedagogy,Paid=Child,Agogos=Learning)

Children learn from parents or dependednts by asking questions.This method of learning is Pedagogy.However, Andragogy becomes essential where adult himself is not knowing and he is to be tained.
This cartoon was used as visual aid in my presentation for Andragogy.

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